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Blind Box Character Painting Art

Welcome to our Blind Box Character Kid Painting Project, where young artists can dive into the world of Yoshimoto Nara's iconic style! In this exciting project, children get the chance to unleash their creativity while learning about Nara's distinctive artistic approach. Each character contains a surprise character waiting to be painted in the Nara style, offering a fun and educational experience for budding artists. Join us for a journey of discovery and imagination as we explore the unique charm of Nara's artwork together!


In this project student will learn

  • Introduction to Yoshimoto Nara's iconic artistic style.

  • Exploration of Nara's characteristic features such as large eyes, simplified forms, and expressive faces.

  • Understanding the use of bold colors and contrasts in Nara's artwork.

  • Hands-on experience in recreating Nara-style characters on a small scale.

  • Development of fine motor skills and painting techniques through the creation of miniature artworks.

  • Encouragement of creativity and self-expression as children personalize their own blind box characters.

  • Appreciation of contemporary art and the cultural significance of Yoshimoto Nara's work.

  • Fostering a sense of curiosity and exploration as children engage with a new artistic style.

Through our Blind Box Character Kid Painting Project inspired by Yoshimoto Nara's style, children have embarked on a colorful journey of creativity and discovery. From mastering Nara's characteristic features to exploring bold colors and expressive forms, each young artist has grown in skill and confidence. As our project comes to a close, we celebrate the unique artworks created and the joy of learning through art. With newfound inspiration and appreciation for Nara's distinctive style, we look forward to future adventures in creativity and exploration!

Once you've submitted your enquiry or registration form, we'll provide you with further information and details about our classes for Term 2.

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