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Little Paws Art Studio was founded in 2018, offering boutique-style classes with a maximum of 7 students per session, capped at 4 students per class. Our teaching objective is to lay a solid foundation in the arts, fostering both artistic sensibility and personal development. Our curriculum features diverse themes, allowing each student to freely explore and combine various artistic materials to create unique pieces, thereby unlocking endless possibilities. We aim to guide every aspiring artist in realizing their dreams and experiencing the beauty of art, intimately intertwined with our daily lives.

Pink Brushstrokes

Our belief in inspired creativity is akin to painting a dream onto the canvas of reality. It's the notion that within every stroke of imagination lies the potential to breathe life into visions previously unseen. Like an artist with a palette of colors, we possess the power to weave our dreams into existence, blending hues of passion, determination, and ingenuity. Through inspired creativity, we transcend boundaries and defy limitations, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. It's the faith that every idea, no matter how small, carries within it the seeds of greatness, waiting to blossom into something magnificent. In this way, we paint our dreams upon the canvas of life, infusing each moment with the vibrant colors of possibility and the limitless potential of human imagination.


The inspired, creativity and painting a dream is rooted in the belief that imagination knows no bounds and that Inspired creativity is the catalyst that propels us forward, igniting the spark of innovation and driving us to push the boundaries of what is possible. It is about channeling our passion and energy into our creative pursuits, whether that be through art, music, literature, or any other form of expression.


creativity is the cornerstone of human expression. It embraces the idea that within each individual resides a wellspring of ideas waiting to be unleashed, and that by tapping into this innate creativity, one can transcend limitations and shape the world around them.


To paint a dream is to envision a future that is not bound by the constraints of the present, but rather fueled by the aspirations and desires of the heart. It is to use the canvas of one's imagination to craft a reality that is vibrant, dynamic, and filled with possibility.


At its core, the philosophy of inspired creativity and painting a dream is about embracing the power of imagination, trusting in the creative process, and daring to dream big. It is a celebration of the human spirit and its endless capacity for growth, transformation, and self-expression.


Art Director
​Coco Wu

The founder of Little Paws Art Studio is a graduate of Auckland University of Technology (AUT), majoring in Fashion Design. Previously, they served as a designer in the creative team at Black Box Fashion Company. Their individual clothing showcase, "Who are you," earned them the Best Design Award and was exhibited at Showroom22 in 2017. In the same year, they established the Phoenix Community Adult Art Association in Taiwan. In 2019, they were invited to be a professional instructor for parent-child art painting by the New Zealand Huaxia Association. With years of experience exploring various art techniques, they firmly believe in the diverse potential and purposes of different art forms. Their extensive teaching experience includes familiarity with the New Zealand NCEA assessment system, and they excel in nurturing students' imagination and creativity. Their areas of expertise encompass oil painting, acrylic painting, mixed media, fashion design, and fabric art creation, among others.

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