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  • 18歲以上成人均可報名本工作室舉辦之繪畫活動。

  • 請先填寫報名表格個人資料, 並傳至WeChat, Line或 Email 聯絡負責人。

  • 通過此網站填寫報名表格提交的個人信息需詳閱並同意我們的課程條款與隱私政策。 如需更多信息,請閱讀我們的隱私政策 



因故需遲到、早退或生病請假,請於課前至少2小時使用 Email, LINE, WeChat 通知即可。逾時將視為放棄課程,恕不得另行申請補課。


  • 如因個人因素無法參加課程者,退費標準如下

   1. 「開課日期」前第7日之前提出申請者,原金退還。

   2. 「開課日期」前1-7日內提出申請者,退60%已繳金額。

  • 如有任何問題需中途退出課程者

   1.    必須提前至少7天或以上告知。

   2.    課程已上半期或以上不接受任何方式退款。

  • 實際退費與否本工作室保留最後決定權。



  • 本工作室保留課程師資, 內容, 時段等課務相關彈性調整及更變的權利。

  • 為尊重智慧財產權益,保護學生與工作室的隱私權,上課請勿錄音或錄影,恕不提供電子檔。

  • 本課程不得轉讓(售)給他人。

  • ​套餐課程可在3個月內預約時間使用。


  • 因請假需補課的學員, 可在請假當天聯繫工作室申請補課。

  • 補課日期從請假當天開始計算, 可保留5週, 超過者恕不另行辦理退款。

Adult Course Terms of Service

Please read the following terms of service carefully before you apply for any course with Little Paws Art studio. Applying to our course implies that you agree to our terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”, “Terms”). The terms “you”, “your” refer to the guardian of the applicant (if any). The terms  “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Little Paws Art Studio. 


  • In respect of intellectual properties and privacy, video recording and photo taking are strictly forbidden in the class. 

  • The course and/or credits can not be transferred to another person. If you and/or your child can not attend the class, we can arrange another time to make up for the missing class within five weeks after the absence.

  • Adults above 18 years old are eligible to our course

  • Course Plan can be reserve time for class within 3 month

  • We reserve the right to make adjustments of the contents our course.

  • Your submission of personal information through the website and/or our email is governed by our Privacy Policy. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Payment need to be made within 7 days after the application has been accepted. Fail to do so will be regarded as abandonment of the course. 



  • Notice must be given for the absence of the a class. If you and/or your child can’t make it to the class for any reasons, please let us know at least 2 hours before the class start, fail to do so will be regarded as abandonment of the class, and the make-up lesson for the class will not be accepted.  

  • Make up class can be reserved within 5 weeks from the leave date. No refund is eligible if exceed the time.

Refund Policy. If you change your mind after applying for a course:

  • 7 days notice must be given to be eligible for full refund

  • 1 days notice must be given to be eligible for 60% refund

Under special circumstance, Little Paws Art Studio reserve the right to make the final decision of your refund and payments.

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