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Kid Art Exhibition 2023

FREE ENTRY    |   Open to the Public

Art is one of the ways for children to express themselves, and through the use 

of a paintbrush, they create the world they see with pure and candid creativity.

Dual-Theme Art Exhibition

This exhibition will separately

showcase children's collections 

on two different themes, 'Identity' 

and 'Life of Animals’

Young artist presentation

In the event, we will have the privilege

of inviting child artists to share their

creative experiences and stories.

Interactive area

Audience can participate in 

interactive activities, interact 

with children's artwork, and learn 

more about their creative process.

Theme1 : 'Identity'

The theme of "identity" explores the multifaceted aspects of who we are as individuals and as a society. These young artists in such an exhibition often create works that delve into questions of self-discovery, cultural heritage, personal beliefs, and the influence of the surrounding world. Through various mediums such as painting, sculpture,  and mixed media, our young artists convey their interpretations of identity, sparking reflection and dialogue among viewers. The exhibition can showcase diverse perspectives, challenging conventional notions and inviting audiences to contemplate the complexity of identity in a rapidly changing world. It's a space where these young artists and viewers can engage in a meaningful exploration of the self, others, and the connections that bind us.

Theme2 : 'The Life of Animals'

An art exhibition themed "The Life of Animals" delves into the captivating world of the animal kingdom through artistic expression. Our young artists in this exhibition use various mediums, from painting and sculpture to mix-media art, to depict the beauty, diversity, and intricacies of the animal realm. Their works offer viewers a chance to connect with the natural world and its inhabitants, emphasizing the importance of coexistence, conservation, and our shared planet.


Through this exhibition, these young artists not only celebrate the aesthetic qualities of animals but also draw attention to environmental issues, animal rights, and the ethical considerations surrounding human-animal relationships. "The Life of Animals" invites viewers to explore the wonder and complexity of the animal world, fostering a deeper appreciation for the creatures we share our planet with and inspiring a sense of responsibility to protect their habitats and well-being.


Opening Reception

During the reception, guests can view the artworks, meet the young artists, and enjoy refreshments. It serves as a social gathering that celebrates and introduces the exhibition, creating a shared experience and an opportunity for dialogue about the art on display.

Explore the Theme Identity

Enjoy our 8-12 years old young artist sharing the inspirations, art ideas and stories of their art collections

Explore the Theme 
The Life of Animals

Enjoy our 5-7 years old young artist sharing the inspirations, art ideas and stories of their art collections

Award Ceremony

During this ceremony, various awards are presented to our young artists based on the quality, creativity, and impact of their artworks. 

Closing Ceremony


From 1.00PM-4.30PM

Fickling Convention Centre - Lynfield Room
546 Mount Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland 1042

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